Wednesday, October 1, 2008

personal shoppers

the one bummer about crafty bastards was that there was never a moment to steal away and shop. the temptation to abandon ship and swim through the sea of people to visit other vendors was strong. a treasure trove of craft was all around, yet just out of reach. thankfully, several friends heard my s.o.s. and came to the rescue with a wealth of riches.

first on the scene was fellow vendor and crafty veteran tina seamonster. while yours truly was still setting up, teasea arrived with a bag full of goodies that i'd had the foresight to pre-order from her etsy shop.

when the imaginary flood gates were opened at 10am, in rushed a steady stream of shoppers. there was one lull in the action sometime in the afternoon, and booth mate extraordinaire dandelion blu seized the opportunity to share the loot she'd plundered. in her exploration of a neighborhood moving sale, she came across some magical finds meant to make their home in this chickadee's little nest:

a mint condition smokey the bear sheet set! still in the original packaging. can you even stand how amazing this is?

and if that fantastic find wasn't enough...

how? how in the world? if you aren't in shock right now, maybe you need a little reminder of a previous post:

the lazy lady's cake plate! notice the subtle difference between the two:

at this point, the day could have been called a day. a handmade holiday card drop to start the morning off and the most amazing finds from another time in the afternoon. but one more surprise was to come as the first shades of evening drifted into chickadee blu/this dandelion camp. the cutest little owl came in with the sweetest people, friend and fellow blogger pang (of pretty little fings) and her boyfriend j. it was lovely to see all three of them and to get to take one home to hang out with.

here's looking at you too, mr. owl. these special prezzies and the people that brought them more than made up for being marooned on indie craft island for one day. survival of the shopless!


Anonymous said...

Here's lookin at you babe......little hooter.

Pardon My French said...

Hey! I remember that cake plate! The second motto works for me too. Is that a pillow case with the sheet or what?

this chickadee said...

the picture on the right is of the pillowcase design. tooooooo cute. the actual package contains only the fitted sheet, just figured that out...but it is still awesome.