Saturday, October 31, 2009

super sale extended through the weekend

the colossal coaster sale over in the little shop of chickadee has been extended to monday, november 2nd. get 'em while they're still crazy cheap!

Friday, October 30, 2009

lace curtain call

the final shawl of the season is finished and fabulous! what a perfect pattern to put an end to the shawl-insanity that has swept this chickadee's cozy little knitting corner. the previous project was a sampling of several different skeins of lace yarn. this one, the vernal equinox shawl by lankakomero (another great finnish pattern!), is a patchwork of various lace patterns. it was fun and challenging to try each kept the project interesting without feeling overwhelming.

the yarn was a complete delight to knit with. as far as lace yarns go, malabrigo lace is hard to beat. it creates a soft and lofty fabric that still manages not to skimp on warmth. the subtle color striations add depth without overwhelming the stitch pattern.

ah, shawl knitting. it is sort of sad to see you go. but you'll be back next summer. now it is time to turn the knittention to other sorts of things....scarves, hats, sweaters and maybe a sock or two.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

custom crafted for the kidies

it's the craft apron's mini me!

a pint-sized approximation of the original with generous pockets that will hold everything from markers and crayons to playground treasures and trinkets. this backs up the point proposed yesterday; if you want something done, place a custom order! even it if isn't on the usual menu, there's no telling what can get cooked up in this chickadee's crafty kitchen.

we put the adult sized apron in the wonka shrinking machine and out popped this approximation of the original. same cotton and denim construction, different proportions. the sides shrunk down to 13" from 20" but the pocket depth remained the same at 10". and coordinating bias tape was used to trim the pockets instead of doubling up on the denim. this makes it a little lighter and less bulky than the bigger one.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

custom creations

this chickadee's super sharp needles are for hire!

see something in the shop that just isn't the right size or color? just send the chickadee a little note and we can negotiate a special order. that's what one clever customer did recently and now she has custom complementary knit-a-long bags to show for it. if you are interested in some chickadee handmade for the holidays, get your orders in the schedule heats up with shows it gets hard to keep up with requests.

craft along with the qcc

the qcc is hosting a sunday sit in and craft on november 8th at buzz bakery. we should go! coffee, cookies and crafting...what more could you want? see their original post for details or click on the image above.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hot tamale topper

meet the new go-to hat!

its robust red color and wide, snug ribbed band make this hat the number one hit of the season so far. knit with less than one skein of miss babs yummy yummy sock yarn it has great spring and recoil, something that is important when you are constantly putting on and taking off. the pattern is eyelet cap from vogue knitting, fall 2009 (the pattern doesn't seem to be available online yet, but most of their patterns do get archived on their site. the magazine is still out in stores). their version is considerably slouchier...the trade off for finding super springy yarn, it doesn't slouch well.

as the weather turns colder hats are a must have. maybe they'll take the place of shawls as the season's most knit item...

Monday, October 26, 2009

weekend work

in the spirit of switching things up a bit, here's a little counted cross stitch:

pretty little chickadee should soon be joined by a few friends to then make something functional for around the apartment. cross your fingers that this cross stitch mojo doesn't cool off like the weather is supposed to.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

crazy chickadee's colossal coaster sale!

the little shop of chickadee has finally been updated! all of the remaining coaster sets are now up for grabs and, until the end of this month, are all on SUPER SALE. that's right friends, you can battle condensation rings on the cheap! each and every coaster set (fours, sixes and the odd seven) is just $12.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

gentle reminders

if your brain is anything like mine, it needs a nudge every once in a while. here are a few things that might have filed away that require action soon!

applications for cut the craft are due this friday!

and you still have time to win tickets to the sugarloaf craft show in gaithersburg, md november 20th -22nd. for more information, see this post and leave a comment! it is that easy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

whole lotta lace

for the last two shawl projects of the year (...) this chickadee's taken on a new shape and a lot of laces. this project incorporates all of the lace weight yarns in the knit picks line-up. they put together this lace sampler that included two patterns, a shawl and a scarf. no surprise that the shawl won the coveted spot on the needles.

this is a pretty traditional shawl shape, a half-circle that sits easily on the shoulders and then flares out much like a cape. the pattern itself (the chinook shawl) looks much more difficult then it was...and the changing yarn stripes keep things interesting throughout. two strands of yarn are held together to make a fabric that is light but still manages to have body and warmth to it. the chickadee version stopped short of working the full border, which would have created what looked like "sails" of netted lace along the bottom. it was the only modification made to what was a pleasurable project. as a gift for my gramma, who taught me so much about knitting, it seemed perfect. she's always up for something new and challenging...and she always sets about to put her own stamp on it.

(this photo shows a better representation of the true color)

if you are interested in making the chinook shawl you'd better act fast. the pattern looks to only be available as part of the kit, and the kits seem to be almost sold out. at last check, there was only one colorway available. no word on whether this is temporary or not. check out the lace yarn sampler at

with winter on its way and warmer knits on the horizon, only one more shawl remains...

Friday, October 16, 2009

before night falls

technically not a triangle! but a still a shawl for sure. steven west's daybreak shawl was a delight to knit, thanks in great part to the always awesome malabrigo sock. this one started with a chance find of a single skein of the world's softest sock yarn in the archangel colorway (these pictures don't quite do the undulating oranges of the archangel justice). since it is also peppered with purples, a skein in violeta africana seemed a perfect complement. together, these two resembled the setting rather than rising sun...the deep purple draping heavily above the days last rays.

the medium is generously wraps easily around the shoulders and stays put thanks to the long ends of the semi-circular shape. a slipped ridge of stitches running in several rows throughout adds texture and interest, as do the rows of garter that anchor the outside edge. for more information and pattern notes, check out the chickadee ravelry page (if you aren't a ravelry user and want more information just email!).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

strings attached!

just like pinocchio before his liberation, the newest round of chickadee project bags comes with strings attached! these drawstring darlings are dropping in at fibre space today. get them before they decide to make like their marionette friend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

well traveled

it has been a while since a triangular shawl has made an appearance here. sincere swears that the shawl insanity is drawing to a close. there's only one left on the needles and that should do it...for this season... here's one that was finished up in september and is only now getting a chance to shine:

featured above is the chickadee version of the traveling woman by liz abinante of feministy. it is a little twist on the traditional triangle, with the shape being more of an arc and decidedly unpointy" at the apex. the body is worked in several soothing rows of stockinette with an interesting-without-being-too-difficult lace border.

and the yarn, oh the yarn. malabrigo made their traditional single ply wool even more luxurious with the addition of a some spidery goodness. the silky merino is a dream to work with, and maybe the reason why this version has an additional repeat of the lace chart (it took just a wee bit of the second skein to complete this modification). unblocked it was looking a little narrow, but a soak and some simple pinning proved worthwhile. it opened up beautifully to a shawl that provides drape without being too bulky.

this lady has already rambled and roamed off to a friend. it is terribly tempting to try another and attempt to keep it around these campfires though...

Monday, October 12, 2009

calling all crafters

crafters, sharpen your pencils! there's show in philly you should be applying too. shoppers, mark your calendars. it is gonna be a good one! the creative and talented folks behind sardine clothing company are putting on a show focused on sustainable craft. (they placed third in the craftiest bastards 2009 contest!). you can find out more by visiting the website or their facebook page. the deadline to apply is october 23rd.

** update **

the vendor fee for this two day show has been reduced to $135

Friday, October 9, 2009

a soft landing

oh, citizens of seattle, you are a spoiled lot. you live in an incredible city with a vibrant arts community and d.i.y. ethic, you wake to the smell of freshly roasted coffees never more than a block away, you daydream while staring at breathtaking mountain vistas, and you are playing host this weekend to the nation's premier plush event!

barricade by chris creatures

plush you is totally taking over 2nd avenue and spilling over onto summit and pine. think of it as a meeting of very sharp minds who make very soft things. all of the greats are assembled in an assemblage of stores with artist receptions on friday and saturday. it is almost too much fiber filled goodness to be contained!

area plush masters and friends of the chickadee are gonna be there! among them are crafty bastards veteran chris creatures and shepherdstown's finest pretty little fings. congratulations ladies! what an honor to be a part of such a fine show. and congrats to all of the other area artists, no matter which beltway you call home.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

new news

the latest chickadee project bags are on the shelves at fibre space! since they are made from repurposed materials, they are very limited edition. get them before they float out into orbit.

and be on the lookout for a new style coming soon...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


the little shop of chickadee is back up and running!

did you miss crafty bastards? never fear, the little shop of chickadee is here. the shelves are getting restocked with inventory left over from saturday's show. and soon there will be new items, sales and shipping specials. things are being updated (slowly) so if you don't see what you want in the shop, just convo me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

oh to live on sugar(loaf) mountain

and now for something completely different...

chair by elizabeth shaw

fresh off of the freshest indie craft festival that is crafty bastards, this chickadee has an offer for you and a friend to attend one of the premiere showcases of traditional craft in the country. the sugarloaf craft festivals have been promoting the made by hand ethic since 1976. they take place throughout the year in various locations along the eastern seaboard, and their "flagship" show is just up the road in gaithersburg, md.

glass mug and pitcher by henry levine

sitting right here are two tickets for that very same show which is being held november 20, 21 and 22nd at the montgomery county fairgrounds. these tickets are in search of a home...maybe you could welcome them into your home? then you can use them to attend any one day of the event free of charge. it is a great opportunity to check out another aspect of the craft world. along with the crafts there will be food vendors, musical entertainment and demonstrations by participating artists. read all about it right here.

wanna go? just leave a comment on this post explaining why. the winner will be chosen at random the first week of november. reminders about the event and drawing will be posted throughout this month.

Monday, October 5, 2009


whoa! crafty bastards '09 was all kinds of crazy! thanks to the glorious weather served up by a fine spirited mother nature, the turnout was incredible. so many smiling faces all in one place! there was no time to even snap a shot of the booth before the shoppers started arriving...but here are a few hasty ones taken in a couple of calm moments:

and here's a shot of the other side of the booth. it is always great to share a space with the lovely and talented dandelion blu. this year she brought along shelby the awesomest assistant to play robin to her enamel-on-copper batwoman. thanks ladies!

more thanks are in order as well. first, to the crafty bastards crew who never cease to amaze with their incredible organization, planning, promotion and plain old running of a HUGELY successful craft show. it is a pleasure to be a part of it all.

next, hugs and heaps of thanks to my family and friends who turned out to say hello, show their support, and drop off cookie flavored treats to help us through the day. to my husband who hauled, lifted, loaded and unloaded and even manned the booth. thanks to the other crafters who make this a wonderful community to be a part of. thank you customers! we all know you have many places you can spend those dollars, and we appreciate that you choose to support independent craftspeople. and thanks to the locksmith who rescued my display from the storage room. the show would have found a way to go on, but it wouldn't have been staged as well without you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

howdy partner!

craft companion dandelion blu has been working really hard behind the scenes too. here's a peek at some of her new creations:

we're excited to be back under the big top together!
stop by and see us in booth #133.
(by the bicycle parking)

home on the range

more potholders!

now it is time to pack up for the party
see you tomorrow at crafty bastards!


rounding out the chickadee offerings for crafty bastards tomorrow are these pretty potholder pairs. double stuffed with a special heat friendly batting, they'll take on the toastiest trays. protect those helpful hands of yours with a 9" square that can coax a casserole out of the oven without you feeling the heat. patchwork and plain, they aim to please and pretty up the place when they aren't in use.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

happy campers

more wanderlust wallets!
in cute camping inspired fabrics

the bold and the beautiful

this chickadee will be showing up to crafty bastards with a boatload of new wanderlust wallets. these three pocket mini-purses are the perfect size for an array of cards as well as cash, metro passes, and mp3 players. the detachable ring on the side can easily clip to a key chain or a belt loop for a shoulder bag free night out on the town. come check out the new prints that popped up just in time for the show.