Friday, October 9, 2009

a soft landing

oh, citizens of seattle, you are a spoiled lot. you live in an incredible city with a vibrant arts community and d.i.y. ethic, you wake to the smell of freshly roasted coffees never more than a block away, you daydream while staring at breathtaking mountain vistas, and you are playing host this weekend to the nation's premier plush event!

barricade by chris creatures

plush you is totally taking over 2nd avenue and spilling over onto summit and pine. think of it as a meeting of very sharp minds who make very soft things. all of the greats are assembled in an assemblage of stores with artist receptions on friday and saturday. it is almost too much fiber filled goodness to be contained!

area plush masters and friends of the chickadee are gonna be there! among them are crafty bastards veteran chris creatures and shepherdstown's finest pretty little fings. congratulations ladies! what an honor to be a part of such a fine show. and congrats to all of the other area artists, no matter which beltway you call home.

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