Friday, October 16, 2009

before night falls

technically not a triangle! but a still a shawl for sure. steven west's daybreak shawl was a delight to knit, thanks in great part to the always awesome malabrigo sock. this one started with a chance find of a single skein of the world's softest sock yarn in the archangel colorway (these pictures don't quite do the undulating oranges of the archangel justice). since it is also peppered with purples, a skein in violeta africana seemed a perfect complement. together, these two resembled the setting rather than rising sun...the deep purple draping heavily above the days last rays.

the medium is generously wraps easily around the shoulders and stays put thanks to the long ends of the semi-circular shape. a slipped ridge of stitches running in several rows throughout adds texture and interest, as do the rows of garter that anchor the outside edge. for more information and pattern notes, check out the chickadee ravelry page (if you aren't a ravelry user and want more information just email!).

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