Thursday, October 29, 2009

custom crafted for the kidies

it's the craft apron's mini me!

a pint-sized approximation of the original with generous pockets that will hold everything from markers and crayons to playground treasures and trinkets. this backs up the point proposed yesterday; if you want something done, place a custom order! even it if isn't on the usual menu, there's no telling what can get cooked up in this chickadee's crafty kitchen.

we put the adult sized apron in the wonka shrinking machine and out popped this approximation of the original. same cotton and denim construction, different proportions. the sides shrunk down to 13" from 20" but the pocket depth remained the same at 10". and coordinating bias tape was used to trim the pockets instead of doubling up on the denim. this makes it a little lighter and less bulky than the bigger one.


Meaghan said...

I need one for my goddaughter! Brilliant idea, Ms. Chickadee!

this chickadee said...

actually the idea came from a customer. her daughter wore the full sized one to school one day because she wanted pockets with her outfit. a girl after my own heart...