Tuesday, October 30, 2007

frost on the pumpkin


ok, it is not that cold yet but it is getting there. while i'd love to go turn the heat on, i also realize that it isn't quite necessary. better to save that energy and cuddle up under something that took some of my own energy to make...perhaps this lap blanket. like the baby blankets, it keeps you warm while you work on it. this one turned out great! i love the colors.

Monday, October 29, 2007

team baby uniform

everyone knows that team baby prefers to sport the onesie. painted or embroidered, i am proud to outfit these little people in easy to launder cotton strips.

here is my friend owen showing his love for citrus fruits:

baby blanket bingo

check out this assortment of cuddly blankies for the wee ones. you keep making the babies, i'll keep making the blankets.

Friday, October 26, 2007

aprons too!

the picture isn't the greatest, but here are a couple of reversible aprons made from bandanas.

there are more of these and more to come next week. please stay tuned. also please feel free to comment and to email with suggestions or questions.

thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


a look at some of the placemats that have been created so far. more to come!

small bits

knitting for the wee ones is super fun.

bucky and teddy are modeling some bib and burp cloth sets. teddy has a snug little cap too.

click below for a close-up view:

bib and burpcloth sets

dogs need love and hand-knitted sweaters

pillow party

check out more pillows here:


i also enjoy making pillows. these are the first three that i made (in the background is tote bag number one). i nicknamed this type of pillows stuffed shirt because, well...they basically are stuffed shirts. i've found loads of great ones to work with in the menswear section of local thrift and vintage stores. it is great to be able to reuse fabulous fabric and give it a brand new function.

also, there are pillows which involve a combination of techniques...some with embroidery and hand-sewn ruffles, others are a collaborative effort with my friend and cross-stitcher extraordinaire, kasim mclain. finally, i've been experimenting with patchwork and have made a few pillows along with some placemats and bags.

more bags!

it all started with a tote bag...

well, actually it started with a sewing machine. and then came the first few frustrated attempts at using it. finally, out of desperation and a desire to learn, i took a class at the community center. our first project was a basic tote bag.

(this is a picture of the second one that i made)

after getting the necessary skills under my belt, i decided to design bags for three of my girlfriends. from there, i started customizing bags at the request of family members and friends. i have developed a love of sewing to accompany my love of knitting. along the way, i've also begun to learn embroidery and crochet. the fun never ends.

i'm hoping to use this blog to chronicle my projects. there is much more to follow...