Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


the upcycled secret santa swap gave me the motivation to try out an idea that had been floating about in my head for a long time. sticking to the buy-nothing-if-you-can directive, i rounded up scraps of polka dotted fabrics and some spare fleece, along with an overlooked fabric-covered button kit. after some trial and error stitching, here's the happy end product:

a chickadee neckerchief!

a parade of patchworked polka dots makes up the public side, while a soft and cuddly fleece lines the interior and snuggles against your nook. a fabric button helps it to keep its crossed shape or you can forego the closure and wrap it up tightly. wear it right down the middle or off to the side. this was the neckerchief's test run, but maybe you'll be seeing more of these in the future.

hope that kim, of kitten rocks well, can keep cozy while she's crafting in her new (surprise!) neckerchief.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Swap-bot swap: Upcycled Sercret Santa Swap
I swap with Swap-bot!

this chickadee recently participated in the upcycled secret santa swap sponsored by hello craft. the rules were as follows:

yesterday my secret swap santa was revealed when a pretty sticker-adorned parcel arrived at my doorstep. sara, from pile of craft, made me the most magnificent prezzie without spending a penny! she used materials that she had on hand to make two totally cute clay covered creations. there were delighted squeals of enchantment when the tissue paper was torn away and these were found inside:

thanks so much sara!

(my contribution to follow tomorrow)

Monday, December 22, 2008

rudolph the red nosed bacon

my friend pang participated in her first ever craft show at the black cat in dc last night. she sure started off on the right foot, selling out of many of her items and coming home almost empty handed. congratulations to pang and her pretty little fings!

this chickadee was the biggest winner on the night, snatching up all sorts of stuffed goodies both to give out as prezzies and to keep! the prezzies will be keeping a low profile for now, but here are a few pictures of one particular pretty fing that can't be parted with.

each piece is perfectly stitched with precision and great attention to detail (check out the belly button on the bat. too cute!) soon you'll be able to purchase your very own pretty little fing by pang, but right now there's a big SOLD OUT sign in her etsy store. check back in the coming days as she restocks her shop and gets ready for fun 2009 full of craft success!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

yes, virginia, there is still time

still hoping to handcraft some holiday gifts? wondering what you can do with just one weekend remaining before the great reindeer ride? well, this chickadee's been thinking of you and your plight. enter the latest article penned for hello craft! it is stuffed like a stocking full of suggestions for last-minute makings. check out the intro down below and then click on it to read the full post.

Friday, December 19, 2008

coming to a tree near you

yesterday you met the natural denim division of the craft apron blizzard that blew into town. today you'll have a blue christmas as the indigo aprons join the party.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

the forecast calls for flurries

actually a flurry of activity, as this chickadee scrambles to finish up and ship out some orders. so while there's a someone here running around like a chickadee with her head cut off, you just sit back and take a load off. take a break from writing cards and wrapping prezzies, warm yourself up with a hot toddy, and take a look at some new craft aprons that were put together for a secret santa.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

stocking stuffers

as previously mentioned, there's still quite a lot of activity here at the chickadee outpost of santa's workshop. this chickadee's little helper, bernie the bernette 65, is stitching up some last minute special orders especially for some special people. we're staying mum about the who's, but it seems safe to show a few of the what's:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

voila! here's a new round of wallets that was whipped up in time for the craft mutiny trunk show:

Monday, December 15, 2008

this chickadee within reach

here's a shot of this chickadee's set up from the craft mutiny trunk show at design within reach. we were each assigned a display area in the store to set up on. initially, all things chickadee were nesting on this lovely bed. eventually they spread their wings to other store furnishings like nearby coffee tables and couches. it was a unique show with a small group of talented (and fun!) vendors that was well trafficked throughout the day. the down times gave the vendors a chance to share ideas and stories while lazing on $5000 lounge chairs. a fitting way to close out a year of craft shows, complete with a sparkling wine toast!

thanks to the mutineers, the dwr folks, the other vendors and the shoppers who stopped by to check things out, including a repeat koozie enthusiast who sought out some more cozy bottle wraps to finish off her holiday shopping! it is wonderful to see familiar faces, even better when they return with bright smiles.

the shows might be over for the year but the show goes on here at chickadee central. the sewing won't stop until santa's sleigh is stocked with special orders from chickadee headquarters. expect some pix of those this week, although some are top secret and won't be shown! and there's also a whole lot of knitting going on right now so stay tuned...

Friday, December 12, 2008

the envelope please...

the newest crop of chickadee pillowcase aprons have an added feature. by switching up the width of the ties, there was just enough fabric left over to make a little pocket. big enough to handle recipe cards or sets of spoons...or, in today's modern kitchen, to keep your cell phone out of the spill zone on the counter. the envelope style pockets are sealed with the kiss of a button. too cute!

(apologies for the pictures...they were taken hastily before the shows last weekend and have quite a bit of shadow. but you get the idea.)

and don't forget! tomorrow is the last chance to shop chickadee for the season.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

weekend wrap-up

phew! this week is flying right by. it is time to get ready for this chickadee's final craft show of the season and the craft fests from last weekend haven't even had a headline! so, without further ado, here's a peek at the previous shows:

dc craft mutiny holiday booty market
december 6th

because the show was cozy and comfortable, there was a little time for this chickadee to take a break from the station and do a bit of shopping. here are some treasures from other vendors at the show:

ornament from pile of craft

johnny depp tee from kristina bilonick

necklace from kitten rocks well
* also a vendor at the upcoming craft mutiny trunk show *

merry mart @ the creative alliance in baltimore
december 7th

there is but one more chance to catch this chickadee before she goes into craft show hibernation. this saturday, december 13th, at design within reach in georgetown. the dc craft mutiny is hosting a show there with 13 area vendors from 10am to 5pm. here's the who's who of the holiday trunk show:

(click the pic for more info)

hope to see you there!