Monday, December 15, 2008

this chickadee within reach

here's a shot of this chickadee's set up from the craft mutiny trunk show at design within reach. we were each assigned a display area in the store to set up on. initially, all things chickadee were nesting on this lovely bed. eventually they spread their wings to other store furnishings like nearby coffee tables and couches. it was a unique show with a small group of talented (and fun!) vendors that was well trafficked throughout the day. the down times gave the vendors a chance to share ideas and stories while lazing on $5000 lounge chairs. a fitting way to close out a year of craft shows, complete with a sparkling wine toast!

thanks to the mutineers, the dwr folks, the other vendors and the shoppers who stopped by to check things out, including a repeat koozie enthusiast who sought out some more cozy bottle wraps to finish off her holiday shopping! it is wonderful to see familiar faces, even better when they return with bright smiles.

the shows might be over for the year but the show goes on here at chickadee central. the sewing won't stop until santa's sleigh is stocked with special orders from chickadee headquarters. expect some pix of those this week, although some are top secret and won't be shown! and there's also a whole lot of knitting going on right now so stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your season!!! You did it!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations "this chickadee"....hope it was a great year for you. You worked hard and it paid off. Good luck in 2009! kd