Friday, August 29, 2008

sea-line women!

dandelion blu and i are making final preparations for our seattle launch bright and early tomorrow morning! we are expecting bumbershoot to be a blast...a craftacular blowout set on a stage of music and arts mayhem. we're sticking around seattle for a few days after the show so you'll have to wait about a week for the low-down. but don't despair! while we are away laboring the little blog elves will be busy posting photos of placemats, coasters and aprons that jumped in the suitcase at the last minute. hope you get a chance to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors this labor day. happy three day weekend!

p.s. the photo above is courtesy of dripstick, "a small art-based company in brooklyn ny." just giving credit where the credit is due.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

just in case...

what do you get when you cross some vintage pillowcases with this chickadee's imagination and bernie's new gathering foot attachment? some dainty, darling aprons that pucker and pleat and aim to please. these handy kitchen helpers are the latest in the growing line of re-purposed textiles here to aid you in your daily living and assist the environment. these new assorted aprons measure about 20" x 23" and nip in a bit at the waist thanks to the flounces that also provide fullness. feast your eyes on these five new editions:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

bumber crop

the vendor list is up for bumbershoot 2008. click on the pic to see the complete array of vendors, including all of the fabulous folks taking part in the indie craft market that is being sponsored by ReadyMade magazine. this chickadee (listed simply as chickadee on the bumbershoot site) and dandelion blu are setting up shop at alki court, near the literary arts area. come by and say hi!

Monday, August 25, 2008

shoot for the stars!

just four short days and one cross country flight separate this chickadee and dandelion blu from our shot at stardom in seattle's bumbershoot festival! you know what that means.... FRANTIC last minute preparations! there's plenty to display but not too much time for the details. so expect some pretty pictures minus the usual chirpy commentary over the next couple of days. starting with this not-so-drab olive combination:

Friday, August 22, 2008

big sky

a blissful field of blue dominates this next group of four placemats. dots of white speckle the scene like clouds in the sky. the border of brown brings you back to earth and provides the foundation on which a table can be set. the rows of maze-like stitching show what these mats are made of -- a sandwich of soft stuffing between two layers of cozy cotton.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm just mad about saffron

if variety is the spice of life, then chickadee central is never short on seasoning. and bernie is the mrs. dash of the sewing world, putting together projects faster than you can say "paprika." while the parade of apron posts is far from over, it is time to pepper in some placemats. in shades of saffron and curry, this set of four brings flavor to your table. there are six squares of boisterous blooms bordered by a complementary fabric that also makes up the back. quilting around the individual squares makes them pop out like little pillows. this set will add zest and pizazz to any place setting.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

five helpings

the kangaroo/joey apron is back with five bold and beautiful fabric combinations. there's something for everyone in this bundle. from the floral to the frightful, you're covered in more ways than one. chose your own apron adventure as this design is fully reversible. pockets adorn both aspects and are ready to help out when called upon. and should the inevitable spill happen, no need for alarm since the cotton construction can take a spin in the washer and dryer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

there's a place for us

that is the song your tools sing as they lie scattered about the sewing room. they want nothing more than to be put to good use. scissors were born to snip, tapes are made to measure! but how can they work for you if they can't be found? enter the chickadee craft apron. finally a place for all of them and a way to bring them along as you go from place to place. forget searching for your seam ripper, it is right there on your custom craft tool belt. and their function goes way beyond the sewing room. they can tackle any craft, take charge in the kitchen and tend to the garden with the greatest of ease.

each apron is composed of durable denim (either natural or indigo) and a fun cotton fabric. there are three roomy pockets across the front and two smaller ones perfect for something slim. the extra long ties can wrap around twice to tie in the front. and the back of the apron is lined with denim and a swatch of the colorful fabric from the facing.

(back view)

each apron measures approximately 10" x 20" and the pockets are 7" deep. tie length varies slightly, but count on close to 80" of available ribbon to tie your bow. here's the latest line-up of craft aprons:

(natural denim)

(indigo denim)

Monday, August 18, 2008

it's business time

a new flock of business cards has arrived just in time for the flight to seattle. big ups to mr. dandelion blu for his magical transformation of my little chickadee from its analog felt state to a digital download. perhaps you can't see in the photo, but he even managed to capture the hand stitching around the heart. a super sweet touch that speaks to the soul of this chickadee -- handmade from the heart.

armed with this design and an assortment of file sizes, who knows where our feathered friend will end up! the possibilities extend far beyond basic business cards although that format is pretty darn handy. not only is the palm-sized polygon useful to pass out, it is also easily made into a hang tag for totes and aprons with the help of a hole punch. take a look at the new tags:

Friday, August 15, 2008

a six pack for your sixer

if one is the loneliest number then six is some kind of party. and your friend, this chickadee, is here to protect your pad from party fouls. condensation? we've got you covered. sweaty six pack, meet your new pal...the cushioned coaster with a little extra out back. instead of double fabric layers, these coasters are backed with natural denim. then they are stuffed full of eco-friendly fiber and stitched together. dance to the music.