Thursday, August 7, 2008

friday night is in the bag

hooray for art! hooray for community! both beltway towns are represented in this show that features locals from baltimore and dc. click on the picture above to see the complete list of artists, which just happens to include your friend this chickadee! for my first ever art show, i was tasked by my friend and artist extraordinaire, cara ober, to find something to fill the space of a travel friendly plastic bag. here's my entry made with the help of a crochet hook and a bunch of plastic shopping bags. art for art's sake! plastic for plastic's sake!

if you are around washington d.c. town tonight, come see the opening. if you can't make it this evening you can stop by civilian and see the show through the 16th. it is only up for one week. so get your flight friendly art while you can.


dandelion blu said...

Wow! Awesome! I love when craft crosses over into "art." Uh-oh, am I loosing you....? Congrats!

Anonymous said...

WOW.....what a grand idea. Great use of plastic bags too! What good genes you have, girl......kd