Tuesday, August 19, 2008

there's a place for us

that is the song your tools sing as they lie scattered about the sewing room. they want nothing more than to be put to good use. scissors were born to snip, tapes are made to measure! but how can they work for you if they can't be found? enter the chickadee craft apron. finally a place for all of them and a way to bring them along as you go from place to place. forget searching for your seam ripper, it is right there on your custom craft tool belt. and their function goes way beyond the sewing room. they can tackle any craft, take charge in the kitchen and tend to the garden with the greatest of ease.

each apron is composed of durable denim (either natural or indigo) and a fun cotton fabric. there are three roomy pockets across the front and two smaller ones perfect for something slim. the extra long ties can wrap around twice to tie in the front. and the back of the apron is lined with denim and a swatch of the colorful fabric from the facing.

(back view)

each apron measures approximately 10" x 20" and the pockets are 7" deep. tie length varies slightly, but count on close to 80" of available ribbon to tie your bow. here's the latest line-up of craft aprons:

(natural denim)

(indigo denim)

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Pardon My French said...

These are very, very cute.