Monday, August 18, 2008

it's business time

a new flock of business cards has arrived just in time for the flight to seattle. big ups to mr. dandelion blu for his magical transformation of my little chickadee from its analog felt state to a digital download. perhaps you can't see in the photo, but he even managed to capture the hand stitching around the heart. a super sweet touch that speaks to the soul of this chickadee -- handmade from the heart.

armed with this design and an assortment of file sizes, who knows where our feathered friend will end up! the possibilities extend far beyond basic business cards although that format is pretty darn handy. not only is the palm-sized polygon useful to pass out, it is also easily made into a hang tag for totes and aprons with the help of a hole punch. take a look at the new tags:


Pang said...

oooooooo! this turned out really well! i love the chickadee!

dandelion blu said...

ummmm, he declared that he would prefer to be called "mr. meatball."
high maintenance....