Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sign o' the times

when pressed for time, this chickadee often decides that it is high time to dive in to a dreamed-up project. these are often elaborate, time consuming flights of fancy that tend toward the frivolous. perhaps it is a creative form of procrastination. true to form, as the deadline for the ballston market loomed large last week, your faithful friend could be found on the floor of her living room hand-stitching felt pieces.

the sign you see above was well worth the care of construction. the background is made from felt pieces patched together. the felt cutouts were fairly labor intensive as they required hand cutting and hand stitching to protect their placement. finally, a fitting fabric of amicable avians makes up the border and the backing. it looked lovely on market day and will happily travel with the the rest of the handmade menagerie that makes up the colorful chickadee circus.

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morgan said...

what a delight!!