Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kitty cat clutch

preparation for the ballston arts + craft market has taken over the usual operations here at chickadee central. but since all work and no play is a dangerous and dull duality, it is best to take a break and share some sewing treasures and triumphs that took place behind the scenes. achieving a balance between work and play is of great importance and so is achieving a balance between things made for others and things made for self. everything in moderation...except when it comes to super cute lace with kittens on it. yes, kittens!

this has been in the stash basket since it did appear to my wondering eyes several months ago, patiently waiting for a proper feature. it was a last minute, no pattern, no preparation project and i'm oh so pleased with the finished product. the lace is layered over leftover cotton fabric and the whole thing is lined in denim. a little pocket awaiting little bits is just a zipper away.

the leftover fabric for these fancy felines came from the construction of a dress (new look #6557 from simplicity), which also provided the inspiration for the clutch in the first place. sorry to say, there aren't any great pictures of the dress to share at this point, but here is one to give you an idea. it was an easy pattern to follow and i hope to make more in the future.

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