Monday, May 19, 2008


perhaps you recall a previous post all about my friend morgan and her panda project. she's been hard at work redesigning her little corner of the interweb and i'm pleased as punch to announce that the wait for panda head phase two is over! okay, okay, a week behind schedule, but good things do seem to come to those who this case, make that great things. pretty things, smart things, stylish things, brand new things and big ideas are a quick click away on the just hatched, redesigned panda head site.

no longer a basic blog, panda head made the move to an online magazine and certainly made it in style. the initial issue is full of fashion and summertime fun, local flavor and wise writing. i'm so happy for morgan and the panda head collective who made this dream of hers a reality. congratulations and wishes for lots of love from friends/readers/clickers/curious onlookers across the worldwideweb. heaps and heaps of thanks to you my fantastische friend for inspiring and supporting this chickadee in my own endeavors.

click the cupcake to be transported to pandaland!

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