Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it's a date!

in just over a month, this chickadee and pal dandelion blu will load up their craft caravan and set up their canopy for another day of joy, fun and sales in the sun. crafty bastards, silver spring (md) edition, takes place on june 28th at the pyramid atlantic arts center. if past performance is any indication, attendance at the show will be amazing. the folks in charge of this festival of handmade goodness have recently posted the vendor list and it is quite an impressive collection. 70+ vendors will be set up and showing off a wide array of wares sure to tempt any taste. without proper preparation, the saturday show could be a shock to the system. so click on over to the crafty bastards site and execute your own preemptive strike with some sneaky window shopping.

here's a peek at our bio pages: