Monday, May 12, 2008

rainy days and saturdays

my alarm clock on saturday morning was a steady, relentless downpour. things weren't looking too promising as this chickadee and dandelion blu packed up our bits and our big-top canopy and set out for our first ballston arts + craft market. mother nature didn't exactly smile down upon us, it was more like a smirk from on high as light rain and cold in the morning gave way to a glimpse of short-lived sunshine at some point in the afternoon. thankfully the huddled masses were not too put-off by precipitation and took advantage of a break in the weather to come out and do some plein air shopping and strolling. many thanks to those who made it out!

it turned out to be a delightful day. i got a chance to meet some other great vendors and admire their hard work and handmade treasures. and, of course, it is a great honor and pleasure to spend several hours on a saturday with the lovely and talented ms. dandelion blu. there is no finer friend to share a 10' x 10' square space with for six hours.

speaking of, here is a shot of our set-up:

this chickadee would also like to extend extra applause to my well traveled parents and fantastische pandafreunde. a special shout out goes to my super spouse, without whom our day (and our canopy) would have never gotten off the ground. thank you soooooo much. i love you more than chili lime pistachios (and you know that is an awful lot).

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