Thursday, May 29, 2008

joan jett's blackheart bag

for those about to rock, this chickadee salutes you with four new flamboyant gig bags. put your hands together and please help me welcome them to the stage, chickadee central's very own metalheads. each 16" x 13" tote is amped up with three slip pockets and a zipper compartment to hold a host of hair accessories, guitar picks and set lists. a magnetic closure at the top snaps shut to keep the party from spilling out into the streets and disturbing the neighbors.

ready to rock? let's kick things off close to home with a metalhead named after rockville md's own axe-grinding angel. that's right, joan jett rolled around the suburban streets of mo. co. before running away to form the runaways in los angeles. black and brash and slick like silver, this is one lady that you won't hate yourself for loving.

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