Thursday, May 22, 2008

repeat offender

fans and frequent clickers on this here blog might recognize the latest chickadee creation. it was inspired by valentina, a previous project posted back in february. a friend (more like family, an auxiliary mom) found the picture and fell in love with the fabric, if not the large proportions. she put in a request for a tinier tote with the overall look of the original. the scraps that remained from valentina's construction couldn't even come together as a wallet, so i set out in search of some fabric in a similar style. wonders never seem to cease where this woman is concerned and this case is no exception. on the first fabric safari i bagged big game -- the same fabric as before! there is no doubt that her positivity played a role in this project from start to finish. now feast your eyes on the finish:

a too cute 13" x 12" tote that packs in all of the perks of her larger ladyfriends, including the patented triple-double pocket party. three pockets across the front are paired up with three more inside. the center forward pocket boasts a zip closure for extra security. and speaking of extra, the straps are double stitched and interfaced for sturdiness. the bag also has interfacing to give it shape and stability. a slam dunk.

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