Friday, October 31, 2008

creature feature

almost forgot to say happy halloween! no tricks at this chickadee's door, only treats. click on over to the hello craft! site to see my latest spot, a profile of art and ghosts. Based in the UK, art and ghosts is the creative mind behind the image above and an entire collection of dreamy drawings. the perfect prescription for a mind wandering into winter...

hip hip hooray!

another helping of half aprons are here. meet the new kangaroo/joey crew. tie me kangaroo down on your hips and sport a cute cotton cover-up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

someone's in the kitchen with chicksie

well butter my biscuit. if it isn't one of those newfangled kangaroo/joey aprons getting a test run in this chickadee's test kitchen. the contrasting cotton fabrics create two sides that compete for attention. choose your own kitchen adventure confidently 'cuz clean up is a snap. the sun will come out tomorrow on the rest of the reversible rompers.

trivia! a group of kangaroos is called either a mob, a troop, or a herd. or a mop, trood, or herb if you've a wee bit of dyslexia. perhaps a mod, troob, or herp.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sky blue sky

there's progress in the air! a second round of crochet has been added to the itty-bitty blue squares seen here earlier. now they look like fluffy white clouds surrounding a calm blue center. this is a bit of a change from the previously posted pattern, as this chickadee has decided to try something a tad different. how will it work? not a clue at the moment. so stay tuned to see what happens on the hook.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

rows of ruffles

here is the latest lot of hostess aprons, a bright and cheerful bunch that are happy to see you! fronts and backs follow:

Monday, October 27, 2008

hello! hello craft!

please join me in welcoming some new friends to the world wide web! the creative crew behind crafty bastards has come together and come up with a new home for handmade on the internet. the site is called hello craft! and has just launched with an aim to increase awareness about all things sewn, stitched, cut, pasted, knit, purled and everything in between. here's what they have say about their mission:

this chickadee is excited to be in on the big fun that hello craft! is bringing with it. my initial assignment is to write about craft in the international community. take a look at the first chickadee contribution here! along with articles, helpful links and how-to's, hello craft! is also publishing a podcast. there's someone that you just might know sitting in on the first broadcast and they are currently looking for more submissions and stories. learn more by visiting the website. and be on the lookout for the events and activities that the hello craft! team will be sponsoring in the future.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

our little baby is one!

happy blogiversary to!

sugar coated thanks to all of you out there who have supported this little venture over the past year. let's hope that the future holds more fun times for everyone.

Friday, October 24, 2008

a host of options

maybe season one of the rachel zoe project was a profound and life-altering experience after all. could it be that the furry fashion fairy has gotten hold of a place in my brain and now owns it like jennifer garner on the red carpet? that seems to be the case, as this chickadee is now bananas about options! the latest creations to come off of the apron assembly line pay homage to the option obsession. although they aren't oscar worthy, they'll make you the star of your next get together no matter what the theme.

wine and cheese
while guests munch away at the crudites and discuss the effect that the recent drought will have on next year's harvest, you'll be right on hand to top off their tipple thanks to a perfectly placed corkscrew.

craft night
where are those darn scissors? oh, right on my hip. anyone need the measuring tape? it's right here in this pocket along with some stray pins and needles.

supper club
spoon and napkin at the ready, you'll flow seamlessly from soup to nuts and can sop up any spills along the way.

something simple
not in need of pockets or loops? flip the apron over and you've a slick and smooth surface that still looks pretty and protects your pants.

this is but one of several new cotton combinations that the hostess apron appears in. the others are on their way shortly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

i quant hear you

entrelac. teach your knitter that it's not a dirty word.

for years the tricksy looking triangles taunted and teased. it seemed like too far to stretch this chickadee's simplicity loving knit/purl skills. but then this pattern came along and it was too cute to resist. the quant, named after mod designer mary quant, is the brilliant brainchild of star athena. it first appeared in the 2007 winter edition of knitty (a fantastic online knitting magazine) and has since become a big hit on ravelry (myspace for knitters and other fiber fanatics).

forget your fears of picking up stitches! this pattern was fun and easy to follow, even for entry level entrelac knitters. it is a smashing little head scarf that will be getting tons of use for both its practical qualities and pretty ones. at almost five inches wide, it keeps tender ears toasty warm. and what a looker! the purples and plums and random roses are thanks to the self-striping patons sws yarn. 70% wool and 30% soy fiber, it is 100% soft and snugly.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

bits and pieces

apron assembly is underway here at chickadee central. some sweet little prints are mixing and mingling. stay tuned to find out how this batch bakes up.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


remember these birds of a feather? it has certainly been a while since we last caught site of them, now they've come home to roost. this quilt of neat nesters had its humble beginnings way back in february and was last heard from in april. in the meantime, modifications were being made behind the scenes and backings and bindings were attached. a little bit of preening and polishing and our flock was ready for the public. the patchwork parliament that you see here made it to mama d's quilt guild show where it spent a little time under the spotlight. finally ready to rest, the ten little owlians have moved in to this chickadee's place and we plan to live together in perfect harmony.

• owl appliques •

• mitered corner •

• back of quilt •

Monday, October 20, 2008

put your best breast forward

october is autumn. it is halloween and hayrides, falling leaves and falling temperatures. first frosts on the ground and first fires in the stove. october is also breast cancer awareness month. it has been so for over two decades, about the same amount of time that my mother has been a breast cancer survivor.

this quilt is an overdue thank you to her, for her courage and tenacity...for her bravery, her spirit and her inspiration. she fought a wicked disease and taught me what it means to be tough and determined.

she has always shared her joys and is someone to whom the littlest things do really mean the most. bright colored birds singing happy tunes, fluffy clouds in sunny blue skies and simple time spent together. i am the most fortunate and proud daughter.

Friday, October 17, 2008

anne of green cables

hooray for chunky knits! way back on october 2nd, we'd only just begun the cabled throw project from classic knits at home by erika knight. two weeks later it has transformed from foot warmer to full body cozy cuddler. this would be a great project for someone new to cables as most of the pattern is basic knit and purl. the cables only come in on every 8th row. and since it is the same cable stitch throughout, there is plenty of time for practice.

the knit picks cadena yarn performed perfectly. true to the online description, it shows off the cables quite well. bulky without being out of control, it also lends a welcome weight to a throw that is designed to keep you toasty while being tough enough to handle being tossed about.

cooler weather is on the way and so is this throw. this prezzie is heading north to a new home. bon voyage friend, thanks for the fun times.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

adventures in applique

yesterday was applique play day at chickadee central...time to test new ideas and try out hibernating hypotheses. can the buttonhole stitch be anything other than a buttonhole? can the edges of an applique patch be finished off with flair? yes and yes.

after a bit of fiddling and figuring, it was faster than expected and fun! it even seemed like the stitches knew just where to go, following the curves and corners with relative ease. a bit of refinement is still necessary, but for a first try it gets a passing grade. not only does the buttonhole stitch finish off the front, it also looks lovely on the back.