Thursday, October 30, 2008

someone's in the kitchen with chicksie

well butter my biscuit. if it isn't one of those newfangled kangaroo/joey aprons getting a test run in this chickadee's test kitchen. the contrasting cotton fabrics create two sides that compete for attention. choose your own kitchen adventure confidently 'cuz clean up is a snap. the sun will come out tomorrow on the rest of the reversible rompers.

trivia! a group of kangaroos is called either a mob, a troop, or a herd. or a mop, trood, or herb if you've a wee bit of dyslexia. perhaps a mod, troob, or herp.

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Anonymous said...

A group of kangaroos is a troop or sometimes it has been known as a "court" is fun to learn all these interesting facts....quite a "jolly good" apron too. You can hold "court" in front of the troop of kangaroos.....should be rather interesting, don't you think. kd