Friday, October 3, 2008

bye bye bernie

time to take advantage of a break in the action to get bernie the beautiful bernette 65 in for preventative maintenance. a quick check-up to ensure that all of her screws are tightened and her moving parts are in order for the tough times ahead. the holiday season is on the horizon and bernie will need to be in tip-top shape to tackle all that this chickadee has planned.

friends bid adieu to bernie

before she packed up this morning, there was just enough time to put the finishing touches on a pair of prezzies. you might remember the paisley pincushion's scalloped apron pattern from a previous post. here it is again, whipped up in contrasting calico cottons.

until we meet again, bernie my friend. and chin up, old girl. you'll be back faster than you can say "bobbin." good thing you aren't afraid of needles...


easyspiesy said...

oh wow, the aprons are waaaay more beautiful than i had even imagined! oh, ps, this is sarah from knit nite.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a picture of my great grandmother. Very cute.


Pang said...

these look great!

Paula B. GutiƩrrez said...

Hi, this chickadee, I love this new aprons!!! They are lovely, I met you at the Crafty Bastards Fair and I bought one of the cute small aprons and I am so happy with it. Now you have my link to my blog although write in Spanish and English by have mention you on my last post!!!