Thursday, October 16, 2008

adventures in applique

yesterday was applique play day at chickadee central...time to test new ideas and try out hibernating hypotheses. can the buttonhole stitch be anything other than a buttonhole? can the edges of an applique patch be finished off with flair? yes and yes.

after a bit of fiddling and figuring, it was faster than expected and fun! it even seemed like the stitches knew just where to go, following the curves and corners with relative ease. a bit of refinement is still necessary, but for a first try it gets a passing grade. not only does the buttonhole stitch finish off the front, it also looks lovely on the back.



Pang said...

Sweet! i've always wanted to try that, but i wasn't sure if i should use the regular foot or the buttonhole foot. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

great job, becky! isn't it fun....there are so many things to learn and so little time....enjoy..kd

Christine said...

i love a little quod erat demonstrandum every now and then.