Thursday, October 23, 2008

i quant hear you

entrelac. teach your knitter that it's not a dirty word.

for years the tricksy looking triangles taunted and teased. it seemed like too far to stretch this chickadee's simplicity loving knit/purl skills. but then this pattern came along and it was too cute to resist. the quant, named after mod designer mary quant, is the brilliant brainchild of star athena. it first appeared in the 2007 winter edition of knitty (a fantastic online knitting magazine) and has since become a big hit on ravelry (myspace for knitters and other fiber fanatics).

forget your fears of picking up stitches! this pattern was fun and easy to follow, even for entry level entrelac knitters. it is a smashing little head scarf that will be getting tons of use for both its practical qualities and pretty ones. at almost five inches wide, it keeps tender ears toasty warm. and what a looker! the purples and plums and random roses are thanks to the self-striping patons sws yarn. 70% wool and 30% soy fiber, it is 100% soft and snugly.

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Anonymous said...

i love it.....looks so pretty on your head, too. the pattern is adorable....exqisite and fetching a fine headband.....kd