Wednesday, October 15, 2008

inspiration / aspiration

today marks a creative milestone for friend and fellow blogger, tina seamonster. this is her five year blog-iversary. five years of filling the web with her wise writings and super cool craft. that makes her a standout on the scene, a brave pioneer in the burgeoning world of handmade. people like teasea, who decided to boldly go where no crafter had gone before, opened up a world of opportunities on the world wide web and beyond. now there are so many resources for fledgling crafters it can almost be overwhelming.

here's how she commemorated the day, with a fitting post that harkens back to her humble beginnings:

this chickadee is quickly coming up on the one year mark as a blogger and participant in the handmade movement. that short time period has brought with it many changes, challenges and encouraging signs. many thanks to those, like tina seamonster, who lead the way and leave the footprints for others to follow. seamonsters have pretty big footprints. who knew that they even had feet?


Anonymous said...

and you don't look a day older ...
love, dad

tina seamonster said...

you are nice. :) thank you for mentioning me. :) keep up the good work with the blog. you will love the you that you meet 5 years from now.