Tuesday, October 21, 2008


remember these birds of a feather? it has certainly been a while since we last caught site of them, now they've come home to roost. this quilt of neat nesters had its humble beginnings way back in february and was last heard from in april. in the meantime, modifications were being made behind the scenes and backings and bindings were attached. a little bit of preening and polishing and our flock was ready for the public. the patchwork parliament that you see here made it to mama d's quilt guild show where it spent a little time under the spotlight. finally ready to rest, the ten little owlians have moved in to this chickadee's place and we plan to live together in perfect harmony.

• owl appliques •

• mitered corner •

• back of quilt •


Anonymous said...

What a hoot!!!!

Pang said...

CUTE!!! i heart owls!