Friday, October 10, 2008

sea of squares

oh boy! you know what baby births mean around here, a chance to whip up something special for the special delivery. friends of the chickadee (identity withheld for secret prezzie purposes) have just welcomed a beautiful bundle of joy. the perfect opportunity to put those crochet skills to the test and come up with something cuddly for the cutie-pie. this pattern from lion brand seemed just right.

photo courtesy of lion brand. click the pic for the pattern.

it calls for a yarn from their organic line, nature's choice, which has a soft, pillow-like loft and touchable texture. wouldn't this just be what the blanket doctor ordered for an adorable little infant? doesn't it look like a breeze to whip up? that was the initial thought until the crochet commenced. after getting through one full skein and tying together about thirty squares, it became clear that this might be a tall order to complete in a timely fashion for the tiny tot. count 'em up, that's 143 squares up there!

so it looks like this chickadee will be swimming in a sea of squares for quite some time. at least it is a lovely, tranquil blue sea that's a great place for a nap.

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Anonymous said...

it sure is purdy......