Monday, October 20, 2008

put your best breast forward

october is autumn. it is halloween and hayrides, falling leaves and falling temperatures. first frosts on the ground and first fires in the stove. october is also breast cancer awareness month. it has been so for over two decades, about the same amount of time that my mother has been a breast cancer survivor.

this quilt is an overdue thank you to her, for her courage and tenacity...for her bravery, her spirit and her inspiration. she fought a wicked disease and taught me what it means to be tough and determined.

she has always shared her joys and is someone to whom the littlest things do really mean the most. bright colored birds singing happy tunes, fluffy clouds in sunny blue skies and simple time spent together. i am the most fortunate and proud daughter.


Christine said...

You are also a very sweet daughter. I have a feeling your momma may cry when she reads this one :)

Christi said...

The quilt is adorable and what a lovely thing to do for your Mom.

dandelion blu said...

Wow! you and your mom are very lucky ladies!

Anonymous said...

I am a very very fortunate and proud mother to have such a loving caring daughter. I will always treasure my "special" quilt made by "this chickadee". Remember it always is the "little things"....a smile, a wink, little tricks or treats, a special quilt it just makes it all sunshine. i luv u.