Friday, October 17, 2008

anne of green cables

hooray for chunky knits! way back on october 2nd, we'd only just begun the cabled throw project from classic knits at home by erika knight. two weeks later it has transformed from foot warmer to full body cozy cuddler. this would be a great project for someone new to cables as most of the pattern is basic knit and purl. the cables only come in on every 8th row. and since it is the same cable stitch throughout, there is plenty of time for practice.

the knit picks cadena yarn performed perfectly. true to the online description, it shows off the cables quite well. bulky without being out of control, it also lends a welcome weight to a throw that is designed to keep you toasty while being tough enough to handle being tossed about.

cooler weather is on the way and so is this throw. this prezzie is heading north to a new home. bon voyage friend, thanks for the fun times.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you cables are great! What a beautiful afgan. Those needles must have been smokin......kd

Anonymous said...

You did this fast! Looks wonderful!

Pang said...

this looks so cozy. makes me want to cuddle up next to a fire with a cup of hot chocolate.