Friday, October 24, 2008

a host of options

maybe season one of the rachel zoe project was a profound and life-altering experience after all. could it be that the furry fashion fairy has gotten hold of a place in my brain and now owns it like jennifer garner on the red carpet? that seems to be the case, as this chickadee is now bananas about options! the latest creations to come off of the apron assembly line pay homage to the option obsession. although they aren't oscar worthy, they'll make you the star of your next get together no matter what the theme.

wine and cheese
while guests munch away at the crudites and discuss the effect that the recent drought will have on next year's harvest, you'll be right on hand to top off their tipple thanks to a perfectly placed corkscrew.

craft night
where are those darn scissors? oh, right on my hip. anyone need the measuring tape? it's right here in this pocket along with some stray pins and needles.

supper club
spoon and napkin at the ready, you'll flow seamlessly from soup to nuts and can sop up any spills along the way.

something simple
not in need of pockets or loops? flip the apron over and you've a slick and smooth surface that still looks pretty and protects your pants.

this is but one of several new cotton combinations that the hostess apron appears in. the others are on their way shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are too darn smart...a place for everything and everything in its place. this chickadee is cool! kd