Tuesday, August 5, 2008

three course meal

chickadee central is in full swing! we've amped up production in preparation for a west coast blow-out at bumbershoot over labor day weekend. blog posts have been promising a peek at what's new around here, but so far haven't delivered. maybe you are wondering, "what does that little chickadee have up her sleeve?" well, for my next trick, ladies and gentlemen, watch me pull a three piece place setting out of a vintage linen.

next time you dine, set your table with something sustainable. its a bit like craft composting (© 2008, brain of the chickadee). take something that has been cast off, mix it up, give it some time, and turn it into something beautiful and useful! at least that was the concept behind this new creation. four placemats, four coasters and four napkins were cut and sewn from the same cloth...creating a cohesive look for the plate, cup and lap. since everyone gets along so well, they go together as a trio of treasures for the table.

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Anonymous said...

very pretty, chickadee...