Wednesday, August 13, 2008

can you spare a square?

this chickadee can spare several! the coasters keep coming as the scraps from previous projects pile up and need some place to go. call it re-recycling as fabric that was salvaged from already salvaged fabric has been used to make some more sets of beverage buddies. each of the five table linen sets previously posted comes with its own coasters. but if you are in the market for a cozy place to put your beverage and don't need the kit with assorted kaboodle, these a la carte bundles are just the thing for you. first up are the sets of four. these are lined on the back with the same fabric as the front and stuffed with a layer of earth-friendly batting.

just a note: production has indeed shifted at chickadee central. we're out of the dining room and into the kitchen. the apron express is heading this way and is due to arrive early next week. tomorrow, coasters take six.

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