Friday, December 5, 2008

she comes in colors

the next set of table linens are a tribute to a former teacher of mine. when i was quilting the abstract triangular pattern on them i couldn't help but think of my old high school geometry/calculus teacher who famously said that he would vote for me for president but he wouldn't drive across a bridge that i'd built. a wiser man there never was. i wonder if he'd sit down to dinner at a table set with linens that i'd built out of repurposed fabric and rainbow thread?

here's an up-close look at the variegated thread. isn't it purty?

for those of you out there who know that it really is all about geometry, here's a little humor:

q: why couldn't the trig function get a loan?

a: because the tangent wouldn't cosine.

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Anonymous said...

cute,,,,,like the varigated thread effect (or is it affect) i have a funny for you...why is it easy to weigh a fish????? (because it has it's own scales!!) smile you're on candid camera......kd