Monday, December 22, 2008

rudolph the red nosed bacon

my friend pang participated in her first ever craft show at the black cat in dc last night. she sure started off on the right foot, selling out of many of her items and coming home almost empty handed. congratulations to pang and her pretty little fings!

this chickadee was the biggest winner on the night, snatching up all sorts of stuffed goodies both to give out as prezzies and to keep! the prezzies will be keeping a low profile for now, but here are a few pictures of one particular pretty fing that can't be parted with.

each piece is perfectly stitched with precision and great attention to detail (check out the belly button on the bat. too cute!) soon you'll be able to purchase your very own pretty little fing by pang, but right now there's a big SOLD OUT sign in her etsy store. check back in the coming days as she restocks her shop and gets ready for fun 2009 full of craft success!

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Anonymous said...

those are pretty fings.....real cute!