Monday, September 29, 2008

manic monday

bear with me friends. this chickadee is recovering from the crafting equivalent to superbowl sunday. there's so much to say and not very many brain cells cooperating to say it. yesterday's crafty bastards show was exciting and exhausting. to attempt a full recap now would be folly, so let's just take care of the essentials. bang the drum and strike up the band, here comes the appreciation parade!

thank you (in no particular order)

  • dandelion blu, the best craft companion a little chickadee could ask for. it was another joyful pleasure sharing a booth with you yesterday...even though we barely spoke and probably saw each other only a handful of times throughout the day. your hard work and passion for your craft are apparent in all of your creations.
  • d-blu and chickadee booth crew, essential staff only. big it up for the man behind the scenes, who speaks softly and carries an enormous 100lb canopy all across the lovely husband. he's the early riser, the packer/unpacker, the muscle, the eye for detail, the errand boy and the one who can reach the high places. the show couldn't go on without you. and to cara and kelly, the most fantastic and complementary assistants. your help yesterday was priceless, that's why we didn't pay you. instead, please accept the gift of friendship and unlimited french fries.
  • friends and family. my parents made a four hour round trip drive just to give me hugs and tell me that that they were proud of me. in doing so, they made me feel like the most special person on the planet...and the most grateful one. to my brother-in-law, sisters-in-law, niece and nephew, thanks for your support and smiles. and friends, oh you are fantastic people. it was great to see your pretty little faces.
  • the crafty bastards themselves. hats off to the tireless staff and volunteers. another fantastic show that was well organized and well run. how you make a huge show feel so welcoming is beyond me. thanks for getting us going in the morning and checking in on us during the day. now take a vacation already.
and, of course, thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. i spoke to many wonderful people yesterday and heard so many sweet things about the work i've been doing. this means a lot! thank you for supporting independent craft and this chickadee.

just one more thing before it is time to tackle the terrible post-show packing mess... today is a very special day for a super friend of mine. morgan, the wonder behind dc's own pandahead productions, and her similarly hardworking designer erik loften have put together another online masterpiece. the second issue of pandahead magazine hit vitual newsstands this morning! the autumn edition is full of delightful sights and sounds and so many talented people. go see it for yourself, click below:

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Anonymous said...

You are the most thoughtful person in the world. That's what makes your so beautiful! You are the sweetest chickadee we have every known. We are all so happy that you and dandelion blu had such a marvelous day. You two are the best and you both make the world a better place because you are in it! It is so good you are surrounded by such good,hardworking, handsome, people....i.e. (eric).......