Tuesday, September 23, 2008

decisions decisions

since it is an election year, this chickadee is here to provide you, loyal reader, with a choice! until now, the placemats and coasters coming off of the production line have been stuffed with a layer of batting and quilted. but what if you are the kind of person who prefers a futon to a fluffy mattress? not to fear, this chickadee is looking out for you too. the placemats and coasters that you'll meet today have to same shape and proportions, but instead of being stuffed with stuffing, they have a simple sheet of interfacing sandwiched in between their colorful cottons. the interfacing toughens up the table toppers and makes for a crisper, stiffer surface.

both candidates for place setting of the year will be on hand at crafty bastards sunday the 28th (that's this sunday)! be an informed voter. come on out and meet both parties before making your home decor decisions.

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Anonymous said...

Bi-partisan placemats and coasters, my kind of chickadee.....kd