Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bowled over

with less than a week to go before the mother of all craft shows, this chickadee decided that it was about time to pull an old idea down off the shelf, dust it off and transform it from mental image to tangible reality. perhaps you remember a post way back in july about bernie's day at quilting camp. (if not, click here for a refresher) well, those bowls were lost somewhere in the back of my muddled mind until a post from lindamade brought them right back to the forefront. her own experiment with the coiled bowl technique had me running out to the hardware store to buy miles and miles of clothesline.

it just wouldn't be a last-minute right-before-the-big-show shouldn't-i-be-doing-something-else chickadee project if it wasn't totally time consuming! it took hours to wrap the fabric strips around the dainty diameter of clothesline. but, as with most of these misguided adventures, it was worth it in the end. after the tedious, carpal tunnel inflaming wrapping is completed, the sewing adventure begins. watching the bowls take shape with each coil is the best part. lindamade put it perfectly when she said "these are fun and almost meditative to make, in a sort of pottery meets friendship bracelets kind of way."

want to see these fiber basins up close and personal? then high tail it on over to the marie reed learning center in adams morgan on sunday! they'll be appearing alongside the usual homemade for your home suspects and maybe a couple more new additions. crafty bastards! sunday, september 28th! be there!


Anonymous said...

Wow....This Chickadee Central must be a buzz with the hum of the sewing machine. Great Bowls of fire!!!! Keep up the great work Chickadee. kd

dandelion blu said...

BECKS! These are awesome!!! I can't believe how many you busted out! Can't wait to see them in person!!

Pardon My French said...

Cracking up at Great Bowls of Fire. Seriously, I see all these things you make and imagine you are just a speed demon at the sewing machine. It probably takes me as long to thread my machine as it does for you to make one of these. I love them!

panda head said...


Christi said...

these are fantastic! looks like your little distraction turned into a huge success.