Thursday, September 25, 2008


dandelion blu and this chickadee have been up to more than meets the eye. you've seen us criss-crossing the country to set up at craft shows on both coasts. you've watched us crank out our own creations. but did you know that we've been working behind the scenes as a dynamic craft duo? collaborating on cute things to adorn your little ear lobes? well, the secret is out! and we're pleased as punch to shine the spotlight on our double delightful danglers.

these beauties not only look good, they'll make you feel good because they are made up of all repurposed/recycled components. a lovely way to serve the environment around you.

be there for their big coming out party at crafty bastards! sunday! september 28th! there are two different styles and several color sets. the pictures above are just a preview so come and see the full collection.


Anonymous said...

They are dangling delights.....the colors are great! kd

B.more.Art said...

I heart these... I may need a few pairs!