Monday, September 8, 2008


we did it! dandelion blu and this chickadee survived the bumberbeast...three 11-hour days in one 10' x 10' booth. we were set up in a quiet corner of the festival, but that was a good thing as neither of us were prepared for the HOARDS of people that bumbershoot attracted. our sales may have suffered because of our location, but our spirits remained high. we were so pleased that we managed to transfer coasts and maintain the cozy atmosphere of the booth. no luggage was lost or package mishandled along the way. our little hut felt like home, which was a plus as we spent plenty of time there.

would we do it all again? most likely...but next time we'd bring warmer clothing. and we'd also know that the atmosphere is much different at a show that isn't specifically for craft. shoppers were numerous, but not really in the market to buy much more than a tee shirt and something fried on a stick. and who can blame them? bumbershoot is a total sensory experience with something to see and hear around every corner. we do thank seattle for its warm reception of two little crafters from the east coast. we loved the city and hope to come back some day soon.

also, a huge heaping helping of thanks to our friends out there who assisted us with everything from package patrol and tent pick-up to room and board. we couldn't have done it without you! nor could we have done it without the help of our ever-supportive husbands who were there to help us set-up on the first day and wrap it all up on the third. for one brief moment in time, they were even left to man the booth by themselves. there's a special category for the two of you.

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Christine said...

welcome back bepper! hope you had fun bumbershooting.