Wednesday, September 17, 2008

orange melange

the next hostess apron arrives bearing an assortment of pretty poppies and perky polka dots. she is sure brighten up the room and bring a smile to every face as you breeze about topping off drinks and refilling tapas plates. and sorry sci-fi fans, the name of the apron (melange) refers simply to the hodgepodge and mingle-mangle of the fabrics, not to the fictional drug from

that was "used to lengthen life, flavor food, heighten awareness, probe the memories of one's ancestors, and induce prescience" (thank you wiktionary). or maybe...

while we're all here dreaming in tangerine, it is a great time to talk about a blog based on the color that has no rhyme. when you get a chance, click over to how about orange, the online home of graphic designer jessica jones and a place for more than just pumpkin pals. the site is a chronicle of jessica's crafty crafting, fabulous fabric design and a shortcut to all things stylish. one click and a world of inspiration magically appears. if you aren't learning about one of jessica's fun and functional projects, she's sharing someone else's. the site is packed with how-to's and how about that's. thanks to how about orange for putting it all together to save us from aimless searching.

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Anonymous said...

orange.....what a great are just too "crafty", orange you!!