Friday, July 18, 2008

she's crafty

wow, it's friday? time flies when you are a busy little chickadee. the monday post mentioned that you'd be meeting some new additions to the line-up this week and so far, no one has been introduced. so without further ado, please welcome some new (and newly named) craft aprons to the fold. their design is the same as the first batch, but the layout of the fabric is a bit different. here they are enjoying a summer afternoon, lazing in the shade before they were called into action at last saturday's ballston arts + craft market.

these little ladies are perfect for keeping all sorts of supplies close at hand while you are doing whatever it is that you love to do. necessity was indeed the mother of invention in this case, as i was searching for something to help me around the shop and at shows. with three generous anything pockets and two more tiny ones perfect for pens and pencils, they'll hold whatever you can throw at them. and thanks to the sturdy natural denim lining, they'll hold up too.

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