Thursday, July 10, 2008

i hear a symphony

in just a few short days, the modern postal system will produce a miracle. a tiny trove of treasures from the nest of one little chickadee will find a new home in a land far far away. yesterday you were introduced to the small bits that are now somewhere up in the sky. today, meet their travel companion, a tote with a stringed instrument slant...the oh hiroko bag!

this jazzy number will steal the show with her sideways style. there is an inset zipper pocket right up front to keep guitar picks handy for an impromptu solo. inside a trio of trusty slip pockets and a velcro patch pocket team up to make beautiful music together, and to organize you faster than you can say treble clef. shake your money maker without misplacing a note!


Anonymous said...

so darn cute! i can hear a symphony of music coming from this delicious bag....must be the violins. kd

Pardon My French said...

This is one of my absolute favorites, not that I carry guitar picks around with me (and unfortunately I never learned to play the banjo). Still, I bet train tickets would work in that little pocket.