Wednesday, July 2, 2008

lost in the shuffle

crafty bastards silver spring came and went so quickly that my head is still spinning. it couldn't have been a dream because i have sunburn and a seriously depleted stockpile of craft, proof that the show did indeed go on. in the calm after the storm, it is time to play catch-up. some new creations made it to the market without ever being broadcasted on the blog...a wrong that will now be righted.

the kangaroo/joey apron is so named because of its pockets. a pouch befitting a boxing bouncer is stitched on one side, a baby on the reverse. switch it up to match your mood or to enjoy just the right pocket for the job. the camo-mao version (seen above) is the only survivor of saturday's craft carnival. despite being out of their natural habitat, these down-under denizens found loving homes. no worries, chickadee central has the vegemite and men at work to tackle the task of making more marsupial aprons.

they sing:

"i come from a land down under
where beer does flow and men chunder
can't you hear can't you hear the thunder?
you'd better run, you'd better take cover"

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