Wednesday, July 9, 2008

needles and pins

konnichiwa friends! as we speak, a little parcel from chickadee central is on a journey half way around the world. destination: the island nation of japan. when chickzilla descends upon the land of the rising sun, she'll create an earthquake of cuteness that will roll from hokkaido to honshu. it isn't disaster that chickzilla desires, but diplomacy...and maybe a couple of cute little hello kitty the hello kitty recorder...

the target of this trans-pacific operation is a talented musician and crafter. the mission was to make a tote and accessories to match her interests. after finding a fitting fabric, the composition came together as sweetly as three chord harmony. here's a peek at part of the package:

a case for knitting needles and crochet hooks

and a pretty little pin cushion.

stay tuned for more of this air, land and sea adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Cute.....that's all i can say, simply cute.....