Friday, July 4, 2008

life's a beach

happy fourth y'all. another holiday, another excuse to make cupcakes! since the shore is so far away, this chickadee decided to banish the landlocked blues with some kitchen magic. sorry you can't be here to share in the delight that is the petite blueberry cake with lemon-cream cheese frosting. these little darlings also got dressed up and dusted with nilla wafer all they need is a little paper umbrella and it would be just like holding the beach in your hand. well, sort of. on cupcake beach the sand is deliciously edible and sweet instead of salty. go grab your cooler and your collapsible chair and join this chickadee on a culinary journey from fruit and flour to fantastic and fabulous. "c" is for chickadees and cupcakes, "b" is for beach and...









recipe from cupcakes year round by sara neumeier.

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Christine said...

you must have taken those cupcakes to some sort of amazing party.