Thursday, July 3, 2008

a chickadee's little helper

behold another design that made its debut at crafty bastards silver spring. the utility apron is a 19" x 10" workroom workhorse. it has extra long ties so you can wrap twice around your waist or easily tie a big bow in the back. the featured five have similar components. their building block is a strong, sturdy natural denim which is then accented by colorful cottons. each one features three cotton slip pockets and two dainty denim ones perfect for pens and pencils.

the one that i made for myself gets a ton of use during the day here at chickadee central. it also was a superstar on saturday and kept my essentials organized and close at hand.

these aprons turned out to be pretty popular and i'm hoping to have more for the ballston arts + craft market on july 12th. the faux denim apron (pictured above) is the last one standing from saturday's indie market mania. here's a peek at the ones that got away:

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