Thursday, January 8, 2009

wicked good wrist warmers

here's some more from our new friend, noro kureyon. she sure shows herself off well in stripes! the maine morning mitts pattern by clara parkes was a perfect partner to the yarn. the constant color changes livened up the simple rib pattern that was easy, breezy and ended up being beautiful.

my morning mittens

the mock-up for the mitts was originally published in the knitters book of yarn, but you can download it for free you lucky little thing. your wrists will thank you. your friends will thank you, because you'll like it so much that you'll start outmitting outfitting them in these carpal coozies too. start making these in a dimly lit restaurant/bar and two glasses of wine and one metro ride later, you'll be moonwalking home like michael with one (fingerless) gloved hand.

(it wouldn't be chickadee knitting if a few modifications weren't made. the cuffs were lengthened a little by simply working a few more rounds before dividing for the thumb. size 7 needles were substituted to ensure a snug fit.)

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