Tuesday, January 27, 2009

finally finished

no new sewing to show you just yet, instead take a look at a knit project that seemed never-ending. the knit centerpiece treasure throw from lion brand was indeed a treasure to behold on their website. and early knitting was a breeze thanks to the small circumference. but as the stripes broadened the project became tedious, taking hours to complete one round! (also, the pattern wasn't too precise and there wasn't enough yarn to go around at least twice.) patience and perseverance won out in the end and now this throw is ready to be the belated wedding present it has always wanted to be.

knit centerpiece treasure


Anonymous said...

It looks like a delightful swirl of colors. Very pretty. kd

dandelion blu said...


Pang said...

this looks fantastic! you're my knitting hero!

please don't be mad at me, i'll write soon i promise!

hearts ~

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good job. I definitely would have lost patience for that. kes