Monday, January 12, 2009

take it easy

hope you are ready for another week full of knitting. the holidays were just the perfect time to pick up the neglected needles and make up for lost swatch time. plenty of projects were completed in a short time thanks to some super bulky yarns like this one from rowan. big wool lives up to its is full and thick and knits up quick. you can find the pattern for this hat in rowan's big easy booklet. it has a host of scarves, hats and sweaters that can be made in a snap with big wool and some matching big needles.

rowan smarty cap

this topper is topped off with a fancy little felted pin made by the littlest bean, a baltimore crafter who whip stitches beautiful brooches and an assortment of accessories.

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Anonymous said...

Love the colors....yarn looks real nice, too...kd