Thursday, January 15, 2009

icy hot

the calorimetry pattern from knitty has been making the rounds on ravelry since its release in the winter 2006 issue. seems like it is reaching its peak of popularity right now, and while this chickadee isn't much for band wagons, she sure is one for warmth in the winter. the calorimetry covers up the ears and keeps them cozy. thanks to the button in the back, it can go on and off without disturbing a perfectly placed ponytail.


it took some doing to get this headband done. the first time through with worsted weight yarn it came out too big and bulky. the second knit-through with dk weight yarn and smaller needles (6 us) turned out just how goldilocks would have wished...just right.


the manos silk blend yarn is also enough to make goldilocks pass on the porridge. another yarn out of uruguay that is hand spun and hand dyed by a women's cooperative, it is as smooth as its name suggests and a wonder to work with. the icy cool of the wildflower colorway caught my eye did not disappoint. you'll be seeing more of it soon...


Anonymous said...

So pretty. I like the button too! Good job. kd

N. Canadas said...

I love this headband!! Did you create the pattern for this?? If so would you mind sharing??
:) Natalie

N. Canadas said...

Ooops!! Obviously didn't read your post...just was looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing!!